The Challenge

Utah’s population is growing rapidly, which means more vehicles, homes and businesses and a greater strain on the natural environment. This growth presents both challenges and opportunities for how to collaboratively plan for transportation, land use, and development in a coordinated manner.

Utah Population 3 Million in 2015, projected to be 4.6 Million in 2040

Collaborative Planning

The Utah Unified Transportation Plan is a collaborative effort between transportation agencies across the state of Utah including Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Wasatch Front Regional Council, Mountainland Association of Governments, Dixie Metropolitan Planning Organization, Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization and Utah Transit Authority. The Unified Plan partners work together to develop common goals, planning time horizons, performance measures and financial assumptions so that their plans are consistent across the state while meeting local needs. Then UDOT, UTA and the MPOs all agree on which projects and needs to include in the Unified Plan, as well as timing, funding and how to measure their effectiveness in meeting shared objectives.


More Jobs within 20 minutes of the average household in 2040