Transit is a key component of Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan. The Unified Plan integrates multiple modes of travel, providing choices for how people get around. By implementing the transit projects and service improvements identified in the Unified Plan, it is anticipated that transit ridership will increase by 250 percent between now and 2040. This is due to increased bus and rail service and an anticipated increase in ridership as Utah’s population continues to grow.

Transit connects people to jobs and other destinations with potentially little household transportation expense. In UTA’s service area alone, transit gets 80,000 people a day to their destinations. Transit provides mobility to lower income and aging populations as well as persons with disabilities through a range of affordable transportation alternatives. Transit helps to improve air quality and reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Transit rail service also provides for more reliable travel time in areas with high traffic congestion.

The following is a list of public transit system providers in Utah. In addition to these fixed route system providers, local area private and non-profit providers also provide public transportation services.