Improving safety is a top priority for Utah’s transportation agencies on all modes of travel, including roads, transit, biking and walking.

UDOT has adopted a Zero Fatalities philosophy because one life lost is one too many. The Department has created a public education and awareness program to encourage safe driving behaviors. This effort is supported by numerous partners, including UTA and the MPOs.

Safety on transit facilities is also UTA’s highest priority. The UTA Safety Department works in close cooperation with the Planning, Operations and Capital Development departments to regularly inspect, monitor and look for improvements to the system that ensure the highest safety standards are met.

A well-integrated biking and walking network will also provide a safer environment for pedestrians and bicyclists. UDOT raises awareness for bicycle safety through the Road Respect program, educating drivers and cyclists on how to share the road. In addition, the Transportation Alternatives Program and the Safe Routes to School Program provide funding for the planning and construction of biking and walking facilities that ultimately lead to a safer transportation system for all users.

Despite an uptick in recent years, the overall trend in fatalities on Utah roads has markedly declined. In addition to improving safety for the current users of the transportation system, Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan improves the long-term planning in ways that increase safety for future users.