Before funds can be used to construct transportation projects such as roads, sidewalks, trails or transit, these projects must be consistent with the transportation plan for that area. Each MPO is required by federal statute to develop a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The MPO TIPs include projects that come from the first phase of the MPO’s Regional Transportation Plan. The TIP contains selected projects in the upcoming four to six years for which environmental, design and/or construction funding has been identified. The TIPs are updated at least once every four years and conform to the state implementation plan (SIP) for air quality. This means that the TIP projects meet the SIP requirements for reducing and controlling vehicle emissions to meet federal air quality standards.

UDOT incorporates the MPO TIPs and the projects in the rural areas of the state into the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).
UDOT, the MPOs and the transit agencies conduct extensive public participation efforts with residents, businesses, community organizations and other interested stakeholders. The public is an integral part of the Unified Transportation Plan process, providing feedback on long-range transportation needs, issues, concerns, and opportunities for regional and statewide transportation users.