Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are regional, collaborative agencies comprised of local elected officials who come together to plan for the future of transportation in their respective regions. There are four MPOs in the state, collectively representing over 85% of Utah’s population. UDOT plans for the rural areas of the state outside of MPO jurisdiction.

Together, UDOT and the MPOs develop long-range transportation plans that identify projects and needs for the transportation system over the next 25 years. Updated every four years, these plans provide the basis for constructing new highways, bridges, trails, and transit projects, as well as accounting for the maintenance, preservation, operations and safety needs of the existing system.

The Regional Transportation Plans (developed by MPOs) and the Statewide Long-range Plan (developed by UDOT for rural areas) identify transportation needs and the current and reasonably assumed future funding available to pay for them. Projects are categorized into three phases based on when they would be needed and when the funding would be available. The phases in the Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan include Phase 1 (2015-2024), Phase 2 (2025-2034), and Phase 3 (2034-2040). Access Unified Plan partner long-range planning documents below.