A well-functioning transportation system is the backbone of our economy. The Unified Plan supports a robust economy by facilitating the efficient movement of goods and services throughout Utah. The Unified Plan considers how communities coordinate land use and transportation in a way that allows the private sector to flourish while reducing the public resources necessary to accommodate growth. These prudent investments now ensure fiscal sustainability and save billions of dollars in future costs due to fewer roads and utility infrastructure.

An economic analysis commissioned by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce in 2012 found that investing in the 2011-2040 Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan would double the return on investment. The Unified Plan saves taxpayers tens of billions of dollars by reducing time spent in traffic due to congestion, lowering vehicle operating costs due to better maintained roads, improving safety, and increasing employee productivity.

Transit projects and service improvements are a major component of the Unified Plan and help to generate economic investment. For example, there has already been approximately $7 billion in economic investment along UTA’s rail lines since they were built and major employers have indicated that access to transit was a key factor in deciding where to locate their businesses. The UTA Trax and FrontRunner rail lines alone are attributed with spurring development resulting in nearly 2,800 new jobs that have generated close to $136 million in income and over $410 million in business sales annually.