Every good plan starts with a vision. Establishing a vision based on community values and public input is an integral part of the transportation planning process.

Envision Utah is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to exploring the challenges and opportunities of growth in Utah. In 2014, Envision Utah launched the Your Utah Your Future initiative that evaluated eleven topic areas via four different scenarios for growth through 2050. Subject-matter experts from across the state provided advice and support in the development of the scenarios. Nearly 53,000 Utahns from across the state provided their feedback as well, making it the largest public involvement effort of its kind in the country’s history. The results of the Your Utah Your Future initiative are being considered as Utah’s transportation agencies work toward the 2019-2050 planning cycle. The eleven topic areas were:

  • Agriculture
  • Air Quality
  • Disaster Resilience
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Housing and Cost of Living
  • Jobs and Economy
  • Public Lands
  • Recreation
  • Transportation and Communities
  • Water
Your Future Envision Utah

The Wasatch Front Regional Council and the Mountainland Association of Governments, with the aid of Envision Utah, created a land use and transportation vision for Weber, Davis, Salt Lake and Utah Counties, called the Wasatch Choice for 2040 (WC2040).

WC2040 has served as the basis for the planning of land use and transportation needs across the Wasatch Front. It is a pattern for growth built on community values through an extensive public input process. It encourages the development of town centers to accommodate growth in a way that enhances the overall quality of life for Utahns living across the Wasatch Front. In close collaboration with local officials, stakeholders and transportation partners, MPOs continue to make refinements to the vision that reflect the needs of their member communities.

Wasatch Choice for 2040

Drawing upon sound market research and public input showing changing demographics and considering housing preferences, the Wasatch Choice for 2040 assumes that a significant portion of the anticipated population growth within the region over the next 26 years will be accommodated by historic or emerging urban, town, and economic activity centers. These centers, connected with efficient transportation networks, would provide more housing options close to transit stations, jobs, retail and commercial opportunities. This change in land use would allow residents to live, work, shop and recreate all within a relatively small geographic area, thus reducing the need to drive as often or as far.

Cache Valley also developed principles to guide the development and implementation of the regional transportation plan. The Envision Cache Valley effort developed the Cache Valley Vision, which encourages investment and future growth in towns as centers for living, industry and culture. The Vision preserves the natural environment of the more rural areas of the community. This allows growth to be focused in existing municipalities and reduces development pressure on agricultural and natural lands.

Vision Dixie. Making a better Washington County

Through Vision Dixie, over 3,000 Washington County residents created a framework in which future development and transportation can work together to create communities and a region that preserves southern Utah’s quality of life. The Vision looks forward to an affordable, sustainable, and livable future. The Vision provided a framework for voluntary implementation of a series of principles developed to fit with local plans for the future.